What does a cpap machine do and How does cpap work ?

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What does a cpap machine do and How does cpap work ?

Cpap machine sends a constant flow with a set positive pressure to the your throat to ensure that airway stay open during the sleep. First a NIV mask is fit over the nose and mouth with the help of a strap and connected to the machine with a Cpap patient cannula or circuit  When it is switched ON . It blow the air to the patient airway. Cpap settings are done at the machine display. Some latest machine atomically change the pressure value as per the your requirement Cpap is very effective for obstructive sleep apnea treatment and reduce or stop the snoring of the patient .

Can I buy a CPAP machine without Doctor  prescription ?

There are a couple of reasons why a prescription is necessary to purchase CPAP medical equipment. Without a prescription they will not pay for equipment.Prescriptions come with a set pressure setting based on results of the sleep study. A machine cannot be adequately set without pressure settings.

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