Traveling with Your CPAP Machine

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Traveling with Your CPAP Machine

When the Cpap machine is used every night, the user finds their sleeping pattern improves. A portable CPAP device makes traveling easier, but for those who have a more cumbersome device, there are ways to travel and have your CPAP too. Here are some tips to get you started for traveling with your CPAP machine.


Always empty the humidifier component before packing a CPAP. When you arrive at your destination distilled water will be needed. There has been discussion on whether distilled water is a necessity for the CPAP machine. We are one of the major dealer of CPAPs, recommends using distilled water for the maintenance and longevity of the machine. Tap water usually contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and lime which could build up over time and reduce the life of the water reservoir. Some prefer not to bother with the humidifier while away from home. If this is your plan adjust the machine and turn off the humidifier function.

Be certain all pieces are present: headgear, nose or face mask, tubing, and electrical cords. Bring an extra extension cord. This is useful should you have a hotel room where the power socket is not near the bed.

Battery packs are available for campers who will be in areas without electricity. Charge batteries ahead of time and have a backup plan. Check with the manufacturer for information regarding battery options and adaptors.

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