Usage of oxygen concentrator for Covid

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Usage of oxygen concentrator for Covid

The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has hit India hard. The country has witnessed over 4 lakh new COVID-19 cases and close to 4,000 deaths due to coronavirus several times in the last week. In this crisis, oxygen plays an important role as the infected patients struggle to breathe. When an individual gets affected by the COVID-19 virus, the most common symptom that they witness is a drop in their blood oxygen level. In such a situation, a patient needs an additional supply of oxygen to keep the oxygen level maintained. They can either breathe with the help of an oxygen cylinder or get an oxygen concentrator.

If the patient has severe symptoms, they need to get hospitalised and breathe with the help of an oxygen cylinder. However, if the symptoms are mild, a patient can breathe with the help of an oxygen concentrator at their home. However, many people are puzzled about oxygen concentrators. They are confused about what do oxygen concentrators actually do and do they help them

Home oxygen concentrators

As the name suggests, home oxygen concentrators are meant to be used at home. These types of oxygen concentrators work on electricity. They require power from your wall socket to work. Home oxygen concentrators can provide a significantly higher amount of oxygen compared to a portable oxygen concentrator. If you have COVID-19 infection, you have to get a home oxygen concentrator.

There are a ton of oxygen concentrator models available in the market right now. So, how should you decide which oxygen concentrator to go for?

 Buying an oxygen concentrator from a trusted brand will ensure that it will deliver the advertised oxygen capacity and concentration. Since many knockoffs are circulating in the market, make sure that you buy an oxygen concentrator from an authorised retailer.

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