Scala Polygraphy Device

Scala polygraphy device

Scala – High Performance!

Scala is primarily a standard polygraphy device for the detection of Sleep-Disordered Breathing that fulfills the requirements of the German EBM code for billable medical services. Furthermore, within the standard delivery, Scala offers many possible uses at no extra cost for the treatment of different user groups – all in one device. Given its variety of options, Scala is highly suited for use in a variety of fields, including pneumology, cardiology, ENT, sleep medicine, and neurology.

The following features distinguish Scala from the rest: Thermistor – In addition to a nasal cannula, a thermistor can be used to measure the patient‘s respiratory flow. Snore microphone – A sensor to record snoring sounds can be applied to the larynx. It is possible to detect snoring at the same time, by means of the dynamic pressure signal from the nasal cannula.

Differential pressure measurement

The integrated differential pressure measurement to manage PAP and NIV therapies offers very high-quality recording of the flow signal at high and quickly changing pressures.

Configurable electrode ports

The device is equipped with four electrode connection ports which can be freely configured and used for different electrophysiological tracings such as EMG, ECG, or EEG.

Recording of respiratory movements

In addition to pressure pad technology, it is possible to record respiratory movements with induction belts (RIP) simultaneously or alternatively.

Removable Battery

The removable battery allows a quick hand-off of the device to the next patient without having to check the charging times.

Online and Offline

It is possible to carry out an online measurement instead of the standard offline measurement. An optional WLAN variant of Scala is available for data transmission from the patient recorder to a computer. The device can be operated with or without cables. A time-synchronized recording of video and audio signals can be conducted, as can a time-synchronized feed of external analog signals from therapy devices or transcutaneous CO2 monitor.

No maintenance or service required

The device requires no maintenance or service. However, Löwenstein Medical offers a regularly scheduled check of devices in order to ensure uninterrupted and trouble-free operations in daily use.