Prisma 30ST-HFT

Prisma 30ST-HFT

High-Flow Therapy (HFT) mode

Washes out nasopharyngeal dead space and thereby
eliminates CO2.

Improves mucociliary clearance by humidifying and
warming the upper airways.

Improves oxygenation

Reduces spontaneous breathing frequency

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The prisma30st-hft ventilator is equipped with HighFlow Therapy (HFT) mode in addition to all the other features available in prisma30st-hft.

In HFT mode the device provides a constant flow of five to 60 liters per minute. An oxygen feed also can be added. The flow of air is heated and humidified (for example, with prisma VENT AQUA) and delivered to the patient via a nasal cannula. The patient interface comes in different sizes for non-invasive use. A different interface is available for invasive application.

The prisma30st-hft also may be used with a single tube with patient valve and with other tube systems with nasal cannula for High-Flow Therapy.

Like prisma30st-hft, this ventilator has a pressure range up to 50 hPa. The prisma30st-hft offers both pressure-controlled and volume controlled mouthpiece ventilation (MPVp and MPVv). Features and integrated functions include LIAM (Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver) for cough support and secretion management, an extensive alarm management system, rechargeable battery with a capacity of up to 12 hours and an integrated oxygen port.

Brilliant display

Large display, high contrast, clear and natural colors

Simple operation and setting process

Intuitive menus, simple use, fast optimization

Simple setting with 360° easy turn knob and quick selection key

Highly compatible

Suitable for a range of tube systems

Tube system for High-Flow Therapy

Supplies power to additional devices

Works with commercially available cable

Device descriptionArticle Nr
prisma VENT50-CWM 30680-1110
prisma VENT50-C with integrated rechargeable batteryWM 30690-1110

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prisma VENT AQUA Respiratory gas humidifier100506
Single tube system with patient valveheated (i), with auto-fill chamber for prisma VENT AQUA (150 cm + 60 cm, 22 mm Ø)271708
Single tube system with patient valve heated (i), with auto-fill chamber for prisma VENT AQUA (150 cm + 60 cm, 15 mm Ø)271707
For High-Flow Therapy only
High-Flow leakage (i), auto-fill chamber, passive valve, Connection for HFT nasal cannula (150 cm + 60 cm, 22 mm Ø)271705
Oxi Plus High-Flow nasal cannula Sold in packages of 15
Size 2270822
Size 3270823
Size 4270824

Technical Data

Product Class as per 93/42/EECIIa
Dimensions W x H x D in cm21.8 x 17.5 x 21.8
Weight2.5 kg
Weight of internal rechargeable battery0.63 kg
Maximum air flow at 20 hPa>220 l/min
Operating time of internal rechargeable battery with the following settings: T mode, f = 20 /min, Ti = 1 s, PEEP = 4 hPA, Vt = 800 ml Passive lungs: Resistance R = 5 hPa (l/s); Compliance C = 50 ml/hPa> 10 hours
IPAP pressure range4 to 50 hPa
PEEP pressure range4 to 25 hPa (leakage system) 0 to 25 hPa (valve system)
Respiratory rate0 to 60 1/min
Target volume100 ml to 2000 ml
Trigger levels Inspiration Expiration1 (high sensitivity) to 8 (low sensitivity) 95% to 5% of maximum flow in steps of 5%
Pressure increase speedLevel 1: 100 hPa/s Level 3: 50 hPa/s Level 2: 80 hPa/s Level 4: 20 hPa/s
Pressure decrease speedLevel 1: 100 hPa/s Level 3: 50 hPa/s Level 2: 80 hPa/s Level 4: 20 hPa/s
Tidal volume100 ml to 2000 ml
Maximum allowed flow with oxygen feed15 l/min