Prisma 30 ST (NIV) rental

Prisma 30 ST (NIV) rental

Product class as per Directive 93/42/EEC:lla
Dimensions (W x H x D)170 x 135 x 180 mm
Weightabout 1.4 kg
Temperature range
Operation:+5 °C to +40 °C
Storage:-25 °C to +70 °C
Permitted humidity, operation and storagerel. humidity 15 % to 93 %, no condensation
Air pressure range700 – 1060 hPa coresponds to altitude of 3000 meters
Diameter of breathing tube connection (mask)19.5 mm (fits standard tapered connector
Electric ratingmax. 40 VA
System interface12 V DC max. 10 VA
Power consumption in230 V 115 V
Operation (therapy):0.11 A 0.22 A
Standby:0.036 A 0.019 A
Classification as per EN 60601-1-11
Type of protection from electric shockProtection class II
Level of protection from electric shock:Type BF
Protection from damaging ingress of water and solids:IP21
Alarmssevere leakage, disconnection (tube), long apnea, low minute volume, low tidal volume
ModesCPAP, APAP, S, S/T, T, autoS/T, aPCV
Mean sound pressure/Operation as per ISO 80601-2-70about 26.5 dB(A) at 10 hPa (corresponds to sound pressure of 34.5 dB(A)
CPAP operating pressure range4 to 20 hPa
BILevel operating pressure range4 to 30 hPa
Relative inspiration time Ti/Tset25% to 67%
Trigger Inspiration (Trigger IN)auto or can be set at 3 levels
Trigger Expiration (Trigger EX)auto or can be set at 3 levels
Pressure rise (Ramp IN)can be set at 4 levels
Pressure reduction (Ramp EX)can be set at 3 levels
Back up frequency0; 6 to 35 bpm
Adjustable target volumecan be set in 3 speed levels
Pressure accuracy
Peak flow as per ISO 80601-2-70, modes BI level, without humidifier
4.0 hPa235 l/min
10.5 hPa225 l/min
17.0 hPa215 l/min
23.5 hPa200 l/min
25.0 hPa195 l/min
Stability of the dynamic pressure (short-term accuracy) for 10 breaths/min as per ISO 17510-1:2007 when using the 19 mm hose.
7.0 hPaΔp≤0.24 hPa
10.0 hPaΔp≤0.28 hPa
13.5 hPaΔp≤0.3 hPa
20.0 hPaΔp≤0.4 hPa

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BI Level ST therapy device with adjustable target volume

prisma3OST: Strong ventilation with the comfort of sleep therapy


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