Polygraphy Device Samoa

Samoa Polygraphy

Our new polygraphy device Samoa, intended for standardized use in the diagnostic and therapeutic area, is distinguished by the attributes smart, simple & small


The integrated Bluetooth interface allows wireless data transmission to the sleep therapy devices of the newest generation from Löwenstein. The signals required for therapy monitoring and settings, such as flow, pressure, leakage, and tidal volume are transmitted from the therapy device to Samoa. Later these data are time-synchronized with other polygraphic parameters such as respiration, SpO2, pulse, and position, read from Samoa, and displayed on a computer.


The use of Samoa is self-explanatory, thanks to the integrated color display and intuitive plugging and connection options for sensors.


With its small dimensions and low weight, Samoa offers patients greater wearing comfort. The Samoa supply schedule is rounded off with the option of using the integrated connection for a thermistor to record airflow and a removable battery.