How does a CPAP machine works?

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How does a CPAP machine works?

CPAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnea is described in Chapter 107. Studies on CPAP therapy rarely focus on nonapneic snorers, but it is generally accepted that snoring can be eliminated with CPAP use in most patients. Whether a person with nonapneic snoring will use CPAP therapy, however, is largely a question of motivation. Those with daytime sleepiness (who, arguably, might actually have UARS) can experience symptomatic improvement from CPAP. Those whose partners are very bothered by the snoring might also have sufficient impetus for a trial of CPAP therapy.

How Does It Work?

CPAP therapy uses a CPAP machine designed to deliver air pressure through the nostrils into the back of the throat in order to keep the airway open. The pressure is adjustable. There are several potential modifications to the way the air can be delivered in order to keep the airway open during sleep.

Who Uses It?

CPAP therapy is us

ed amongst people with severe breathing problems during sleep. It is the most recommended sleep apnea treatment for patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea because they are unable to receive enough air to their lungs. In addition to adults, this sleep apnea treatment is used for infants as well. Infants whose lungs have not fully developed will be placed on CPAP therapy in order to have air blown into their lungs.

How Big Are CPAP Machines?

Not all CPAP machines are the same size or weight. Each product varies, but generally, they are fairly small and portable. Choosing which size is right for you depends on where you’ll be using it. If you’ll only be using it at home, a bigger CPAP machine may be doable. If you plan on traveling with it, purchase a more compact option.

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