CPAP machine – How to use it?

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CPAP machine – How to use it?

Therapy for sleep apnea consists of positive airway pressure (PAP) being applied to the upper airway through the mask. Philips There are a range of PAP devices and masks, depending on therapeutic needs and patient preference.

There are several PAP therapy device options to treat your sleep apnea and ensure your comfort throughout the night. Some patients can tolerate a steady, gentle flow of air during sleep, while others require variations in pressure. Talk to your doctor about your unique needs.

CPAP systems

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) provides one level of pressure to that patient’s upper airway throughout the night.

This pressure provided will prevent upper airway collapse during sleep.

BiPAP systems

BiPAP bi-level provides two levels of pressure to the patient throughout the night.

A higher pressure is delivered on inhalation, while a lower pressure is delivered on exhalation.


Auto-adjusting provides a variable pressure throughout the night based on the patient needs and sleep stage.

The device will adjust pressure based on airway size and airflow.

With our Cpap rental system, you can choose a hire period between 1, 3 or 6 months for all our CPAP, APAP (CPAP Auto) and BiPAP (BiLevel) machines. All our CPAP rental packages will come complete with everything you need for a range of budgets. Simply select the machine you wish to hire and a mask to suit your needs.

Please call if you require help with renting a CPAP machine package.

Whether you rent or buy form us, we will remain available 24/7 during for your service. Our CPAP trained representatives will ensure that you get comfortable with the CPAP machine

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