Best Ventilator PRISMA VENT50

Prisma Vent

Best Ventilator PRISMA VENT50

PRISMA VENT50-C is for ventilating patients with an independent respiratory drive. It can be used on patients who weigh over 10 kg and have respiratory insufficiency. It can be used in both stationary and mobile applications in both domestic and clinical environments.

 Other features include mouthpiece ventilation modes with pressure and volume control MPVp and MPVv, LIAM (Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver) to support cough and secretion, and a wide pressure range up to 50 hPa. Equipped with so many supplements, the Prisma VENT50 can treat a much wider range of conditions.

With these additional features, the prisma VENT50 allows you to treat an even wider range of diseases. The VENT50 prism also has complete alarm management, an internal power supply, a battery lasting up to 12 hours and an integrated oxygen connection.

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