Accessories along with CPAP Machine

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Accessories along with CPAP Machine

Accessories along with CPAP Machine

One common concern we hear at Sleep Resolutions has to do with the cost of sleep apnea treatment. At Sleep Resolutions, we value being transparent about all our services, especially the costs of those services.

One common concern we hear at Sleep Resolutions has to do with the cost of sleep apnea treatment. We value transparency in all of our services, especially those concerning cost.

If the results of your sleep study are positive for sleep apnea, there’s a good chance your sleep specialist will recommend CPAP Therapy for your treatment, and you will need to find the right CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine or Bipap machine for you.


Along with the CPAP machine there are additional costs that include the accessories such as the mask, humidifier, hoses, and cleaning and maintenance.

CPAP Masks

The CPAP mask is essential for the quality treatment of sleep apnea. Look through the different types of CPAP masks here to learn more about the types of masks offered. It’s crucial that you work along with your provider to ensure that your mask fits appropriately. An improper fit can result in discomfort and continued interrupted sleep patterns.


The humidifier resolves many of the most common complaints we hear from our patients. We understand it’s more equipment to add to ensure you are getting the treatment you need however, it is essential. Having a humidifier reduces dry mouth, the urge to sneeze, runny nose, and much more.


Let the other accessories, there is a wide variety of hoses available. You will need to find a hose that is the right length and know if it needs to be heated. We can help you find the correct hose for your needs and your machine.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You will need to clean your machine on a regular and consist basis to prevent bacterial growth and ensure that your CPAP machine is working properly. Maintaining your machine will reduce illness and extend the life of your CPAP machine .

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