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Cpap rental

Guide About CPAP Machine

 What is CPAP Machine?CPAP machine is medical equipment. It gives a sleep therapy to the patient. CPAP machine is used for the treatment of sleep apnea. CPAP machine sends a constant flow with a set positive pressure to the patient’s throat to ensure that the airway stays open during sleep.  It protects the patient from obstructive sleep apnea. Patient A sleep specialists can provide training to patients about the CPAP machine.What does a CPAP machine do and How [...]

Bipap Machine

Portable CPAP Machine for Rent

Srivari healthcare provides CPAP machine and BPAP machines for rental or Sale.  For users with a broken machine or short term need, we can provide a rental or a few days or many months.  We also provide a portable CPAP Machine which is ideal and convenient for travel.We also have many renters who need CPAP machines or BPAP machines for short term recovery situations. All of our equipment is carefully cleaned, sanitized and reset after each rental. We can [...]