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Cpap rental

How to Get a Cpap Rental

What is CPAP Therapy?CPAP therapy otherwise known as constant positive airway pressure is the gold standard choice in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea boasting a significantly higher success rate than corrective surgery or dental appliances in moderate to severe cases.Pressure is applied gently to the airway to relieve flaccid anatomical muscle tone during sleep through an externally affixed mask. The patient’s perception is similar to a fan, which translates into an airway splint or pressure to keep [...]

Bipap Machine

How Does a CPAP Machine Work to Treat Sleep Apnea?

If you have been told that you need to use a (continuous positive airway pressure ) CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea, you may wonder how a CPAP machine works.Here, you’ll learn how these devices relieve snoring and sleep apnea with pressurized air and what special considerations may be necessary if you have central sleep apnea.How CPAP WorksModern CPAP machines work based on the same principles as the initial devices developed by Dr. Sullivan. The pressures are now generated with [...]


High-Flow Therapy by PRISMA30st-HFT

prisma30st-hft has a pressure range up to 50 hPa. The prisma30st-hft offers both pressure-controlled and volume-controlled mouthpiece ventilation (MPVp and MPVv). The prisma30st-hft also may be used with a single tube with a patient valve and with other tube systems with a nasal cannula for High-Flow TherapyHigh-Flow Therapy (HFT) modeWashes out nasopharyngeal dead space and therebyeliminates CO2.Improves mucociliary clearance by humidifying andwarming the upper airways.Improves oxygenationReduces spontaneous breathing frequencyBrilliant displayLarge display, high contrast, clear and natural colorsSimple operation and setting [...]